Jukebox History



made in 1955.
One of the nicest 1950's jukeboxes. Highly desirable! it has five (5) speakers, high fidelity sound, highly visible mechanism, glass panes and chrome lightning bolts in front of the grill. Our jukebox is fully restored, including new chrome and fully reconditioned amplifier. MINT CONDITION! EXCELLENT SOUND!

$ 6,900.00




SEEBURG, MODEL "B" made in 1952/53.
The first jukebox playing 45's exclusively. 100 selections, 45's records. This jukebox has redesigned lighter visible mechanism which  Seeburg used for the remainder of its production. This jukebox is completely restored, including rebuilt amplifier. Great sound, excellent condition!



''F- 80''

made in 1953.
One of the nicest 1950's jukeboxes. Highly desirable and collectable! High fidelity sound, highly visible mechanism. Glass panes, aluminum and chrome in good condition. The entire jukebox is all original and has been repainted. Our jukebox is fully restored, and has a fully reconditioned amplifier, by an expert! GREAT CONDITION! EXCELLENT SOUND!

$ 3,900.00